About Us

Our technicians are mobile for your convenience. Great results can be achieved quickly and inexpensively compared to traditional bodyshop methods where savings can be had of up to 50%. Small dents with unrestricted access can be removed from as little as £50, and work is often completed in under an hour


Key Benefits of PDR 


  • Almost always the cheaper option

  • Maintains your vehicle's originality and paintwork warranty

  • Very convenient - Process is faster and we come to you

  • Environmentally friendly - No use of harmful chemicals

  • Helps to maintain the overall look and value of your vehicle


Should the paint surface be broken on your particular dent PDR can still help you and  by having the dent removed first via PDR it can save you money at the bodyshop.

Diamond Cut Alloy Wheels Repaired

Diamond Cut Alloy have become more and more popular over the past 10 years or so. They were initially fitted to high end prestige vehicles as standard, and offered as an optional upgrade on some cars lower down the range. Now they can be found in every manufactures range and many cars are now fitted with diamond cut wheels as standard.


Often it is just small sections of the outer rim and the odd spoke that has been scratched. We can refinish these sections using specialist equipment to regain their shiny appearance.


Our technicians can complete these sort of repairs for £50 – £90 per wheel in a fraction of the time of a re-cut. It is convenient too as we come to you and the wheels remain fitted to the vehicle throughout the process.


Send us pictures of your dent via email or MMS for a free estimate